Papillon Wigs and Weaves

  • Dr. Koparkar has been treating many patients with hair loss in his Hair and Face clinic for more than 15 years. He realized the limitation of science, that hardly few patients can get the re growth of hair.
  • Number of male patients with baldness at a very early age and even female patients suffering from male pattern baldness producing thinning of hair in the crown area is increasing day by day. After thinking what we can do best for these patients ‘Papillon Wigs and Weaves’ has come into reality.
  • Services we offer:
    • Wigs for cancer patients
    • Hair weaving for men / hair bonding for men
    • Ladies hair wigs
    • Hair extentions for women
    • Hair replacement system
    • Hair loss treatment


Office No. 6 & 7, Kachare Classic, 
City S. No. 1081,
S. No. 18A / 1A 
Pune 411004, India